Face Mask Review- Cup O’ Coffee by Lush Cosmetics

Good day, good day, good day!

So by now, y’all should know that skin care is on my top list of things that mean something to me. It’s up there with family, food, and fitness, obviously.

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Review: The Mask of Magnaminty

What a blessed Tuesday, AMIRITE? I’m in an especially good mood because finally the sky is clear AND SO is my skin. Trying to sync the two is a challenge on its own. How did I finally reach smooth baby soft skin? Let’s rewind to last week..

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Let’s Show Our Skin Some Love

Happy Monday Friends! If you haven’t been able to tell, I am obsessed with skin/hair care. I can walk into any skin or hair care isle and be there for the next 30 minutes comparing deep conditioners, eye creams, exfoliators and so much more. I’m digressing, dammit! Let’s just dig in… Exfoliation: What is it? How many ways to exfoliate can we come up with people? The … Continue reading Let’s Show Our Skin Some Love