Face Mask Review- Cup O’ Coffee by Lush Cosmetics

Good day, good day, good day!

So by now, y’all should know that skin care is on my top list of things that mean something to me. It’s up there with family, food, and fitness, obviously.

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The Miramar Mini-Vacay

Good day my friends!

I honestly can’t tell you the last time I took anything near a vacation. After moving to the big city and working two jobs to save money and get by a vacation was just not in the cards. BUTTTTTTT, somehow I managed to set a budget plan and finally save for a little trip on down to Miramar Beach with some of my friends!

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10 Inexpensive Mother’s Day Ideas: That Aren’t Flowers

Mother’s Day..

is coming up yet again. I’m excited, but my wallet is not, relatable right? I mean what’s worse than wanting to spoil your mom/grandmother/motherly figure and not having the funds to do so?! They are too worthy! My mom is my best friend. We talk every morning about anything and everything. Once I moved away for college, I really started to realize and appreciate all that my mom has done for me. With that being said I want to make Sunday special for her but on a SlimLiving budget, ya feel? Flowers are going to be a no-go for me. They don’t last long enough! So I compiled a list of presents (that aren’t flowers) that won’t break the bank and will show mom that you care! Let’s dig in…

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Let’s Show Our Skin Some Love

Happy Monday Friends! If you haven’t been able to tell, I am obsessed with skin/hair care. I can walk into any skin or hair care isle and be there for the next 30 minutes comparing deep conditioners, eye creams, exfoliators and so much more. I’m digressing, dammit! Let’s just dig in… Exfoliation: What is it? How many ways to exfoliate can we come up with people? The … Continue reading Let’s Show Our Skin Some Love

How Being Tall Helped My Confidence

“Do you play basketball?” “You must run track!” “You ball?” It was (and still is) a never-ending slew of stereotypical questions. A tall skinny black enters the building…so she must dribble a ball or sprint down a track right? WRONG. Being asked these questions used to boil my blood and embarrass me at the same time. Why you ask? Let’s dig in… I’m 6’2” going … Continue reading How Being Tall Helped My Confidence