Things to do: Atlanta Botanical Gardens

BAM, I’m back! It’s been a while, but you know what? Life happens.

The weather has been BLAZING lately, which has been keeping me inside. Once it turned July, however, I decided that staying inside was not the move. I needed to get up and be active besides ritually going to the gym (boring). So for my July intentions I had written the following:
Go outside more
Go to bed before 11 PM
Try on new recipe a week


Simple right? Only until you really try and do these things in real life does it become really hard to master. For the beginning of July I found myself still sitting inside and still being able to see the clock strike 11PM. No Bueno. 


Soooo, I decided to go hiking what better way than to take big breaths of the Earthy aroma. Random right?  I’ve only been hiking once in my life and decided, hey why not? I wanted a different kind of workout. I’ll post a full blog post on that later, BUT after hiking I happened to make my way to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens  and was blown away. Lemme tell you about it-

               IMG_3536                   Processed With Darkroom

This place was amazing to say the least. Over hundreds on hundreds of different species of plants throughout the whole garden! They also had an edible garden equipped with many different beans, peppers, and other vegetables such as carrots.


The sculptures (made out of plants obviously) were so DOPE!! The whole garden had an imaginary them to it which came with 10 sculptures throughout your walk. Anything from mermaids and dragons, to camel and dogs! A nice feature or scavenger hunt for visitors.


Navigating through the park was fairly easy to say the least. There was about 2 major trails through the park, but while you were walking through, there were smaller paths that took you further into the plants, showcasing other species. The best part was that it wrapped right back around and before you knew it, you were back on the main sidewalk! The walk came with a map to, so it was really hard to get lost.
Definitely recommend this park if you need something to do in the summer. BEWARE: it is hot obviously. Make sure you pack a bottle of water OR you can go in the morning and knock it out!
What’s your favorite thing to do in Atlanta? Comment Below!
Until next time city slickers,

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