The Miramar Mini-Vacay

Good day my friends!

I honestly can’t tell you the last time I took anything near a vacation. After moving to the big city and working two jobs to save money and get by a vacation was just not in the cards. BUTTTTTTT, somehow I managed to set a budget plan and finally save for a little trip on down to Miramar Beach with some of my friends!

We arrived on Friday to nothing but sunny skies and blue water. HEAVEN. I’ll even venture to say it was somewhat MAGIC. When I went to school at UF and was so close to the beach, I realize now that I took it for granted. Like DAMN. Who wouldn’t want to clear their mind at the beach to the sound of soothing waves? C’MON. 

For the next two days of our trip, we beached ALL DAY. Body surfed, tanned [I like to call it popping the melanin 🙂 ] and ate. This one place in particular we found for dinner on Saturday night. Y’all, it was literally the definition of a hole in the wall. I wasn’t to keen on stepping out of the comfort zone and experimenting with food at the time, but I was said what the hell.

Me & the crew @ “The Other End”

It was a little place located right on the water called “The Other End”. You would think this place specialized in fish, butttttt it actually had one of the top 10 burgers I’ve ever eaten in my life. & y’all know I can put away some burgers! They actually converted an airstream into their kitchen which was the most interesting thing about this place and also had live music which is a huge bonus. 

Though it was only two and a half days which is why I call it a mini vacay, I had an amazing time. I am reset & so rejuvenated to have a great week! I definitely learned something about myself in that short amount of time.

Lesson: I learned that this world is fullllll of jewels, but you actually have to peer around the corner to find them.

I will admit, as tasty as “The Other End” was…. it was in a pretty sketchy location. No lights, cats walking around leisurely [don’t ask], and about 3 spaces for parking. Not inviting if you ask me, but nonetheless we ended up having a great time. This same logic can be applied to life. The best things in life aren’t always in front of your face. You sometimes have to search for them!
This trip has really inspired me to take a trip by myself! A little daunting if you ask me, but I think I would actually enjoy it. Comment below if you have ever taken a solo solo trip! If so, where did you go? I NEED SUGGESTIONS!
Until next time beach babes,
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