& On Sundays.. We Meal Prep


is the word to describe this past week! I mean what’s new though?
I’m back and I hope you guys are doing well!
A few months ago, I posted on the blog about meal prepping [here] and why its so amazing! Let’s review:

   + saves $$
   + allows you to learn how to cook [if you’re new]
   + lowers the chance that you’ll eat unhealthy b/c you already have healthy food prepared!
Now as awesome as meal prepping is, there is a downside. The fact that you cook this food for the week right, and then realize you have to eat it ALL WEEEEKKK. Yuck. Who wants to eat sautéed chicken for 5 days straight? Not me. So here’s what I did:
Sunday > Meal prep 5 lunches for the week and two different dinners (nothing to fancy)
Monday + Tuesday > eat prepped lunch and dinners
Wednesday > WE ARE GOING OUT TO EAT! Wahooooo! Keep the palette guessing & change things up ya know?
Thursday + Friday > We are back to meal prepped lunch/dinners..
Saturday > I use my best judgement on this one! If I have leftovers and want to save money it’s best I eat at home but if I’m ballin’ on a budget I’m going out for a poke bowl [yum].
I’ve done some research on meal prepping a few weeks ago & came across a different way to meal prep. Instead of making actual meals, you make a smorgasbord [SAT word alert]  of food and then  mix & match your meals during the week! Here’s what I did:
Sunday > Went to grocery store & picked up
    + Meats: Shrimp, turkey tenderloin, chicken breasts
    + Veggies: Cucumbers, kale, spinach, onions, broccoli, tomatoes, avos, mushrooms, cilantro
    + Fruit: apples, strawberries, raspberries, bananas
    + Carbs & Grains: white rice, sweet potatoes, quinoa, chickpeas
I cooked all the meat, carbs, and grains, used the fruit to prepare smoothies and create healthy desserts, steamed some of the veggies and left the rest raw, and used the chickpeas to make homeade hummus!
PROS: the pros to cooking all the food at once, is that you can pair what you bought at the store with what you already have in your house to make tasty meals! I made some bomb salad and even stir fry one night with this food! The free-ness [is that a word] of not having to cook for the whole week is great also. I just come home after work or workout and just throw something together!


CONS: FIRST OFF, y’all I was slaving over the stove, blender, kitchen sink for damn near 3 hours!! Jesus, I could barely eat after cooking because I was so tired. I definitely think it’s because I bought/cooked to much food. I had to throw some of it out because I couldn’t eat all of it in time 😔 So definitely will buy less food next time and plan my meals better.
Let me know if you try this new way of meal prepping! I’m new to this as well so any helpful comments are appreciated! Hopefully the pictures I posted help spark some ideas!
Until next time chefs,

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