10 Inexpensive Mother’s Day Ideas: That Aren’t Flowers

Mother’s Day..

is coming up yet again. I’m excited, but my wallet is not, relatable right? I mean what’s worse than wanting to spoil your mom/grandmother/motherly figure and not having the funds to do so?! They are too worthy! My mom is my best friend. We talk every morning about anything and everything. Once I moved away for college, I really started to realize and appreciate all that my mom has done for me. With that being said I want to make Sunday special for her but on a SlimLiving budget, ya feel? Flowers are going to be a no-go for me. They don’t last long enough! So I compiled a list of presents (that aren’t flowers) that won’t break the bank and will show mom that you care! Let’s dig in…

+ a cute succulent $13

These low maintenance plants make for a great home addition! There are many different plants and different ways to pot them so have a ball! Besides clicking the link, you can also go to your nearest nursery!


+ a massage/foot massage

AHHHH, a foot massage or massage in general is the way to anyone’s heart! Check Groupon depending on where you live for a cheaper option.

+ a framed picture

Back to the basics. Find a cool frame at Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, or even Bed Bath & Beyond.

+ a good interactive book


So not just any book, but an interactive book. Start Where You Are is an amazing read that I received it as a present. Immediately, I fell in love with how itchallenged me to think critically. It brings your fears and dreams to life and will occasionally test your drawing skills (yikes). The perfect gift for mom.

+ a bath bomb $6-9

So personally, I can’t fit into any bathtubs because I’m so tall, but hopefully your mom can! Bath bombs come in many different varieties to relax and rejuvenate the skin. You can pick one up from Lush Cosmetics or Bed, Bath & Beyond.


+ a birthstone necklace $23

Such a special way to mama’s heart! A birthstone necklace, ring, or bracelet will show her that you care!


+ a diffuser $30

So diffusers are becoming sooo popular y’all. For the simple reason that it helps with relaxation and sleep! There are also many other benefits that diffusers have. If you want a blog post on them let me know in the comments below! In the meantime, help ma get her zen on.


+ wine night/ cordless wine opener $10

So I used this exact wine opener this past weekend and was SHOOK at how easy it was to open a bottle of wine. I will never go back… and neither should your mom. Go ahead and make the purchase today!


+ concrete planter $7

Plant some cute succulents for an awesome desk or house decor piece!


+ a jade roller $19

Beauty OOO-LA-LA! This amazing tool helps move fluid around in the tissues of the face. Also, if mom is using serums and moisturizers, a jade roller helps to push the product into the pores! Go ahead and reverse time and get her this great gift!


Hope some of these ideas helped! What are some of your favorite things to do with mom on Mother’s day?

Until next time star daughters and sons,



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