Review: The Mask of Magnaminty

What a blessed Tuesday, AMIRITE? I’m in an especially good mood because finally the sky is clear AND SO is my skin. Trying to sync the two is a challenge on its own. How did I finally reach smooth baby soft skin? Let’s rewind to last week..

I walked into Lush Cosmetics the other day with my friend Kim looking for something to ensure that my black didn’t crack. I ended up buying  the ocean salt exfoliator (because ya’ll know I love a good exfoliator 😃 ) and she got the Mask of Magnaminty. I said obviously going to give this a try. Can we say MUD MAGIC? This jar of goodness is packed with so many awesome ingredients, ya’ll. Mint (MagnaMINTY), honey, vanilla, IMG_2740and aduki beans for exfoliation. I will say the color of the mask isn’t that appealing in the least. Brown, with a hint of blue? EW, nonetheless it smelled amazing (think: peppermint mixed with a little warm blanket of vanilla and sprinkle in a little love on top) and after one use….I WAS SHOOK. My skin was smooth, pores empty, and dark spots were in the midst of fading away. How did I do it? Keep reading!



+ The small or large jar of the Mask of Magnaminty
+ One jar of hyaluronic acid serum (optional)
+ Any type of face moisturizer 



Rinse the face with warm water
 + Apply a generous amount of the mask all around the face. Be cautious of sensitive areas.
+ Let mask sit for about 15-20, I usually watch a Netflix show or read an article or something random.IMG_2754-Edit
+ Rinse mask off throughly with warm water, RIGHT after that rinse with cold water to close the pores!

+ Use the acid serum to close up/dry out any remaining pores. Follow in with moisturizer. I like to use the Kiehl’s moisturizer if I’m feeling bougie, but when I’m looking for my ole’ reliable and #slimliving, I’m all about the shea butter. You guys know this!


Using this mask alongside with the hyaluronic serum and moisturizer works wonders. I only use this mask once a week, but please feel free to use 2-3x. I saw results after one use y’all, it’s actually amazing. I’ll put the link here if you want to have a poke around the website.
I’m definitely up to trying new face masks so please let me know in the comments below what kinda of face masks you use, or suggest trying!
Until next time beauty queens,

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