The Miramar Mini-Vacay

Good day my friends!

I honestly can’t tell you the last time I took anything near a vacation. After moving to the big city and working two jobs to save money and get by a vacation was just not in the cards. BUTTTTTTT, somehow I managed to set a budget plan and finally save for a little trip on down to Miramar Beach with some of my friends!

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10 Inexpensive Mother’s Day Ideas: That Aren’t Flowers

Mother’s Day..

is coming up yet again. I’m excited, but my wallet is not, relatable right? I mean what’s worse than wanting to spoil your mom/grandmother/motherly figure and not having the funds to do so?! They are too worthy! My mom is my best friend. We talk every morning about anything and everything. Once I moved away for college, I really started to realize and appreciate all that my mom has done for me. With that being said I want to make Sunday special for her but on a SlimLiving budget, ya feel? Flowers are going to be a no-go for me. They don’t last long enough! So I compiled a list of presents (that aren’t flowers) that won’t break the bank and will show mom that you care! Let’s dig in…

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