Embracing The Change!

I’m back!

from a small break in the action! I can’t believe that we are in our 4th month of the year! Where does the time go? I feel like I just threw two suitcases in my car and vroom vroomed on down the road! But newsflash.. that was six month ago *gasp*. Some things have definitely changed. Some for the better and some for the worst… but regardless, let us dig in…

Saving $$ Is Harder

Not only is life more expensive, but the city just had endless things you can do! Maybe I’m just speaking for myself, BUT I have had to try different tactics to make sure that I am not only saving money, but keeping it saved and not having to pull it out later for some loose spending (hehe, whoops). I have found that scraping my savings off the top of my paycheck right when I receive the check works best because then I will not have to worry about that money any other time during the month!

I Actually Enjoy Cooking

Okay… I enjoy cooking, buuuuuut I am not the best cook if that makes sense. I don’t get how my mom can just whip something up with 30 minutes notice and it’s good enough to win an episode of Chopped! It takes time, I understand but I don’t have the creativity(time for that matter) for lavish meals! Soon, I will be posting some simple meals that are easy to whip up,  won’t break the bank, and that are tasty (I promise).

I Like Living Alone (?)

This is true. My roommate in college [SHOUTOUT TO JESS THIELMANN] was a walk in the park for a lack of better words. The best of times in college. Not one fight, good times had for two years straight. Bliss, I tell ya. When reality set in and I moved to Atlanta I realized I had no one to live with. Shit.  Fast forward, I actually like it! Pump the music as loud as you want! Decorate as you like! I am proud to say that I am about to purchase my first large plant because I feel as if the next step of adulting is to be responsible for something, so this has got to be it right? I’ll keep you posted.

Socializing Takes Effort

 Ask any of my friends and they’ll say “ Natalie is loud/bold/talkative/outgoing/ all of the above] I like people. BUT YOU KNOW WHAT?! Meeting new people is pretty challenging. And also pretty daunting. I mean, it’s a lot to start a conversation with someone. Will they respond? Eye roll? Talk to much? Serial killer (kidding)? You never know, guys. What helps me is to just take a deep breath, the worst thing that happens is that they don’t become your friend, but that’s okay because there is about 350 million people in the country so you’re bound to find a new friend SOMEWHERE. Positivity.
Until next time City Slickers,

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