Why Work Out?

Think about this. You’re on the treadmill, sweating & miserable to say the least. “Jesus, this is terrible!” You say to yourself. Maybe you’re trying to figure out how to break down this 30 minute session in the least painful/boring way possible.  Most of us have been there.  I’m here to make your day and tell you that working out has many advantages that I think everyone can benefit from! Let’s dig in…

BEING FIT is desired by many people. Who doesn’t wanna look bomb? But it’s also one of the hardest things to achieve when life becomes busy. A toned waist and toned arms and legs? YAAAS! Creating a morning routine of heading to the gym is essential to being fit both physically and mentally. Suppressing stress and releasing endorphins is an amazing way to start off the day, I PROMISE YOU! So be excited to look good and feel good!

SELF-CONFIDENCE is another result of working out steadily. Look good, feel good AMIRITE? Self-confidence goes a long way in job performance, relationships, and overall mental health. Developing self-confidence is especially important at this point in life when everything is new and there are some decisions you’re not sure of. I always feel good about myself after a hard and successful workout.

SETTING GOALS and achieving them does wonder for self-esteem as well! Personally, I start with a 4-week plan to execute and adjust as needed. I love making personal fitness goals. For instance, how fast can I run a mile? Or how much can I squat over the course of the next 4 weeks? How many pull-ups can I do in 30 seconds? Changing and rearranging my goals are what keeps me going. Having an accountability partner also helps as well. Take your best friend and keep each other on top of your goals or even try a workout class. I guarantee that results will come!

MEETING NEW PEOPLE is a result of working out and going to the gym also. Listen, if you’re new to the city like me the gym can be a good place to start. Once I started going to Urban Body Fitness, I realized how close knit the gym family was and took right to it! I have made friends with fellow gym members and personal trainers because I see them every morning. Once you get over the initial fear to say hi and strike up a conversation, the rest is smooth sailing.  Highly recommend!
With this all being said, lets bust out the tights and athletic gear! Do yourself a favor and renew that gym membership! New friends and new gains await!
Until next time city slickers,

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