4 Morning Habits to Add to Your Routine

Top of the morning & happy Friday! Things are busy in the city, busier for me now than before. At the start of every month, even every week, I try to set and reorganize my goals. But its HARD. Ya’ll its tough when bills are due, a mouth needs to be fed (with snacks), friends needs to be socialized with, and above all when a career NEEDS to be nurtured and looked after. That’s where a routine comes in. Wake up. Workout. Go to work. Go home & stuff face. Netflix. Go to bed. Repeat. Let’s dig in.
  1. Marinate
You’ve just woken up, chances are your days is filled with things to do, people to talk to, and tasks to be checked off the list. OR maybe it’s not and your wondering “What am I going to do with my day?” Either way, taking 5 minutes to yourself is to your benefit. As I call it, marination, gives me time to realize whats going on and plan my day accordingly….while sometimes scrolling through Instagram. I tend to think about my next course of action… what am I going to have for breakfast? How am I going to attack my workout? What am I going to accomplish at work? Taking those 5 minutes to get my gears going really makes for an easier transition to throw back the covers and put my feet on the ground to start the day.
  1. Plan a Simple Breakfast
A breakfast is essential to a successful day. Especially if you are on the go like I am, then its even more important to keep things simple. As much as I would like to throw down a full spread of eggs, bacon, grits, toast, and everything in between (I’m salivating, excuse me) I don’t have time. Since I’m going from home to the gym straight to work, I have to keep breakfast simple, and easily accessible! Boiled eggs, overnight oats, fruit salad, chia seeds with yogurt, smoothies, and even pre-made breakfast sandwiches work well for a “walking out the door” breakfast. All you have to do is plan a little ahead for grab and go food for the whole week!
  1. Check the Budget
We have these days right, where we haven’t checked your bank account for like…. maybe 4 days and you’re just hoping and praying, and assuming that the bank account is fine when in fact it could actually be collecting cobwebs. YIKES. During the marination phase (1st 5 minutes) of the day its beneficial to review the budget and make sure that things are still in place. Reminding yourself daily of what you’ve spent and what is left, really does help you stay on top of things. I highly recommended Mint.com. This app helps determine what % of your budget you are spending on what category. It is super user friendly and easy to count on!
  1. Make your Bed
I added this one to the list recently. Ask my friends. I am the messiest person they know. Clothes everywhere, shoes everywhere, mismatched socks, long lost notebooks… you know things like that. I have recently realized (and I know you’re going to be proud of me) that making my bed every morning does wonders for setting the tone of the rest of my day. I have been trying this out for the past 3 weeks now, and I’m happy to report that no matter how tired I was or didn’t want to turn around and make my bed,  I did. Even if everything for the rest of the day goes down the drain, I at least know that I can come home to a clean, made up bed. The cherry on top that comes from this task is that I have started to clean at least 5 minutes before bed as well, and before you know it I’m out here with a CLEAN ROOM! Who would’ve thought. I wonder how long it’ll last..?
If you took anything from this read, its that establishing a routine will help taking on the day immensely. Just try for a week, and feel free to contact me to let me know how it goes!
Until next time,

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